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My Name is Claudia As a mobile massage therapist, my passion for natural healing is perfectly displayed through the range of service I offer.I specialize in energy work therapy,Deep Tissue Sport Massage,Thai Massage,Acupresure,Thai Yoga Stretching Massage,Biomagnetic Pair,Oxidative Therapies,Herbal Medicine and Personal Trainer.All expertly designed to support physical, mental,and emotional balance.My expertise in herbal medicine allows me to create and customized Herbal oil for the Ayurveda Massages looking to enhance the natural healing process.I am also trained in Biomagnetic Pair Therapy,a unique and innovative practice that uses magnets to restore balance and promote healing throughout the body.As a Personal trainer, I offer fitness and wellness advice tailored to my clients specific needs, helping them to achieve their goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Wether you are struggling with muscle tension, chronic painter simply looking to boost your wellness my expertise in multiple modalities allows me to take a holistic approach, resulting in a comprehensive and effective plan to improve your wellbeing .My mobile services allow you to experience healing and relaxation in the comfort of your own home. Book your session today and let’s work together towards your optimal health!

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