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5 Sessions

5 Sessions
  • Deep Tissue Sport Massage
  • Nuad Thai Yoga Stretching Massage
  • Thai Yoga
  • Biomagnetic Pair

Frequently Asked Questions

what is the massage therapy and Personal Training cancelation policy ?

We request the courtesy of a 24 hours cancelation notice.Cancelled appoints need to be reschedule and fulfilled within the originally specified time period (usually one week for single sessions ,3 month for a series /package of 3 massages .6 months for a series\package of 6 massages and one year for a series /package of 12 sessions.

cancellation between less than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment will be charge 30euros fee.

No show \no call will be charge 50%of the full amount of your schedule treatment session.

What is the Refund policy for a series /package of 3 sessions ?

In the event that the designed massage recipient can not complete all 3 massages and request a refund (request to be made prior to expiration date)we will apply current ‘single session’ pricing towards any taken session and will only refund the remaining balance.

for a series/package of 6 or 12 massages personal Training sessions.?

Not money refunds.These sessions are transferable.In the event that you can not or wish not to complete all sessions prior to expiration date,you may request ‘vouchers’ for uncomplete massages to give to someone else.

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