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Coffee enemas have been claimed to offer many benefits but what is the science behind them?.One study published in 2019 evaluated the effect of coffee enemas on liver function in six healthy adults the study found that coffee enemas improved liver function and decreased inflammation in the body.

2.Potential chemoprotective effects of the coffee components kahweol and cafestol palmitates via modification of hepatic N–acetyltranferase activities enema coffee label This research clearly shows that kahweol and cafestol palpitates are chem-preventive against some cancers.

Given that ample scientific evidence exist that the colon is a more effective delivery system that the mouth for many therapeutic agents, the coffee enema ought to be a more effective delivery system of kahweol and cafestol palmitates than the mouth.

3.Enhancement of the chemo protective enzymes glucoronosyl transferase and glutathione transferase in specific organs of the rat by the coffee components kahweol and cafestol.

4.The cure of advanced cancer by diet therapy:a summary of 30 years of clinical experimentation.

This is a summary from Dr,Max Gerson about his therapy to heal cancer,incluiding but not limited to coffee enemas .He states,”Cafeine enemas cause dilatation of bile ducts,wich facilitates excretion of toxic cancer breakdown products from blood across the colonic blood.

Enemas have been used for thousands of years across various cultures for a variety of purposes, from medical treatments to religious and spiritual practices.The earlies recorded use of enemas can be found in ancient Egypt,where they were used to threat a varietyof conditions,incluiding constipation and fever.Enemas were also use in Ancient Greece and Rome as a method of cleansing and for Treating various conditions.

In traditional Chinese medicine,enemas were used as early as the 4th century to treat diseased promote overall well–being.Similarly,enemas have long been used in Ayurvedic medicine in India ,where they are known as basti,as a means of detoxification and promoting health.

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